Secret no. 1 Pearls

(Reader’s note: in retrospect I wouldn’t have started 101 Ways to Live to 100 with this effort. Not only is Barbara Bush not actually 100 but it’s clear she meant her answer to be tongue in cheek. If I’d been really thinking it through, I might have developed something along the lines of ‘how important is looking good/self esteem to living to 100’. Or I would have picked up that ‘positive attitude’ answer and run with that But I didn’t. We get fully into our swing by no. 10: 2 raw eggs so you might want to start there instead.)

Barbara Bush hasn’t made it to 100 yet (she’s 90) but her secret to ageing gracefully is pearls because apparently they hide the wrinkles. More seriously she reckons  positive attitude has got her most of the way to her centenary.

Plausibility rating: 0 out of 10 for pearls; 8 out of 10 for having a positive attitude. Lots of surveys show that mental attitude improves longevity.It’s a theme that’s bound to come out more as we work through our 101.


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