About this blog

There is one question that a reporter simply has to ask someone who’s lived to be 100: how do you think you made it this far? I’m fascinated by the answers that centenarians give and in this site I’m going to collect them when they’re reported. I cheat a bit sometimes by including people who haven’t made it to 100 but are well on their way and have something interesting to say.

I’ll also try to gauge whether the answers makes any sort of scientific sense, though feel free to comment and disagree if you doubt my evidence. Also – and surely I don’t need to say this –  don’t  try any of this at home. Just because someone lived to 100 doesn’t automatically make them a sage.

If you’re interested in these subjects I’m director of policy at the UK charity Independent Age and cover longevity and other ageing issues in my Twitter feed @blimeysimon


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