Secret no.4a God again

(Note to readers: the subject of faith doesn’t get the attention it deserves here. I cover it in more detail in this post).

This is becoming a bit of a theme.

Maryland resident Robert Cox says he didn’t expect to reach 100 but, now that he has, he credits God and says that he feels like he has a ‘pretty long way to go yet’.

Robert has been living in an assisted living facility since 2012. He uses a walker and has hearing problems but his mind remains sharp. He also offers sound advice on marriage, having been married for 65 years until his wife died in 2003. ‘You treat your woman as your sweetheart. You treat her well, all the time,’ he told the local online news site.

Plausibility rating: 7 out of 10. As we’ve seen religious faith is associated with longer life but it’s unlikely that it’s due to divine intervention. More plausibly, religion offers a focus and purpose to life and it’s this which adds years.


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