Highest-rated secrets

If you really do want to live to 100, here are the top rated secrets we’ve looked at so far.

10 out of 10 

Secret no. 49 Good genes

You can’t choose them but if you were born with the right genes your chances of reaching 100 are much, much higher.


9 out of 10

Secret no.36 Not smoking

The single biggest action that’s under your control if you want to live to 100. Never too late to give it up.


8 out of 10

Secret no. 38 Cod liver oil

Your mum was right (though probably not for the right reason).

Secret no. 19 Mountain walking

Providing you stay off the difficult slopes, mountain walking is good for you physically and psychologically.

Secret no. 8 Being happy and enjoying life

A high level of ‘subjective wellbeing’ adds years to your life.

Secret no. 23 Determination

Being ‘persistent, industrious, organised, disciplined’ is the personality trait for longevity

Secret no. 26 Luck

Hard to define but you’ll need at least a little if you want to live to 100.

Secret no. 47 Plenty of water

Dehyradation becomes more and more of a risk the closer you get to 100.

Secret no. 33 ‘Helper’s High’ 

The good feeling you get from generosity really can improve your own health.

Secret no. 34 Optimism

If you think you’re going to reach 100, you’re more likely to make it.

Secret no. 44 Gardening

Terrific, low impact exercise and all the psychological benefits of greenery

Secret no. 48 Cycling

Ride safely of course – but it’ll do wonders for your cardiovascular system.