Secret no.4 Praising God

(Note to readers: the subject of faith doesn’t get the attention it deserves here. I cover it in more detail in this post).

107-year-old Alabama resident Virginia Wright is clear why she has lived so long: “Ain’t no secret. Praising God and going to God for his grace”.

Virginia was born on Nov 25th 1907 and – as of June 2015, remained active. “She can walk around the house, holding on to something,” her daughter, Clairee Washington, told a local newspaper. Clairee, who is herself 89, added “She’ll make her bed. She can wash dishes.”

“We let her do those things to occupy her mind,” said Virginia’s granddaughter, Patricia Lee. “She’ll move around. She likes to stay active. She’ll ask what she can do.”When she folds clothes, “she’ll fold them up and she’ll do it fast so she can get done,” Lee said.

Plausibility rating: 7 out of 10. We can discount the Bible’s claims that Methuselah lived to 969 but being religious has been associated with longevity in several studies. So too though has having a more general ‘sense of purpose’ so it may be this rather than religious faith which is the key factor.


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