NEWS: 106-year-old says she’s been drinking beer for 100 years

Centenarians often list beer as one of their ‘secrets’ for a longer life. Most recently and famously the remarkable Pauline Spagnola announced that her longevity secret was ‘a lot of booze’.

What distinguishes Sadie Snyder is the claim that she’s been drinking beer since she was six years old. If true, that means she’s been drinking for a full century.

Sadie, from Massachusetts, says that her father worked in the brewing industry and every week would bring home a case of beer. Sadie would stay up for him so that she could have some and ‘by the end of the week it was gone’.

While this may not have done Sadie any harm, it’s definitely not advice that others should follow. Moderate alcohol consumption has been consistently linked with longer life (though even that is disputed), but excessive consumption really is not. And if you start when you’re six? Well that’s a subject that’s not even been properly researched. However studies of older children and adolescents a document a long list of dangers from usage.

So if Sadie has been drinking since the age of six it truly is remarkable that she’s reached 106. Alternatively, maybe a little exaggeration is at work. You decide.

Source: 106-Year-Old Woman Says Beer Is The Secret To Her Longevity


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